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Pprocept's own Dr. Sami Fahmy presents how self-awareness underpins much of what we call "emotional intelligence" and how improving self awareness directly impacts success.

In this update to a previously-released video, Procept president Kevin Aguanno explains the fundamental shift at PMI as it fully embraces agile project management practices into its standards and... More

With the growth in popularity of agile management practices, the Project Management Institute (PMI) has taken a bold position, integrating agile project management into its offerings.

Procept has just published its newest free video called Creating Self-Motivated Project Teams. This video is a recording of a live webinar by Procept senior facilitator Vijay K.

Procept is excited to announce the launch of a webinar series on building entrepreneurial skills, which may be the key to getting this post-COVID economy back on a growth footing.

Join Vijay K. Verma in this recorded webinar to lean how managers can better build trust and create a high-performance team, even when faced with individuals who exhibit destructive behaviours.

OSSENO Software has just entered into a strategic partnership with Procept to provide consulting, systems integration, configuration, training and support services for its North American customers... More

In this era of big data and advanced data analysis, learn about the simple practice of connection and influence mapping and how it can help you reduce organization or project risk from Procept... More

For those who are new to the project management profession or those who need help obtain their first project management job, Procept is pleased to announce that its... More

Struggling to deal with the challenges of managing team members from different generations? Watch this video by Procept senior instructor Vijay K.


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