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Methodology-in-a-Box :: Disciplined Agile Edition

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For organizations seeking to deploy a new agile methodology, building one from scratch can be expensive and time consuming. In addition, many web-based resources are not in touch with the latest best practices. Finally, many agile implementations take a very loose, unstructured approach to defining agile processes. In a large enterprise, this will lead to chaos, a lack of visibility into agile project health, and a violation of enterprise governance processes.

Solve these issues with Methodology in a Box :: Disciplined Agile Edition. This is a complete methodology containing over 150 pages of content including:

  • a project lifecycle model showing process steps
  • for each process step, it provides guidance (including “how to” instructions for many), inputs and outputs, key considerations, and a work breakdown structure
  • guidance on specific agile practices including advice on adopting the practices
  • roles descriptions and responsibilities
  • work product descriptions including over 20 templates in MS Office format and many completed examples harvested from real-life projects
  • checklists to help you manage the process
  • an extensive glossary of agile terms
  • multiple views (View by phase, role, practice family, and more)

Those purchasing the methodology get a license that allows clients to customize the content to their organization's governance model and industry standards. The content is organized into HTML and CSS files so that it is easy to adapt it to suit an organization's font and color preferences. The HTML has been optimized for delivery to both computers and mobile devices.

Content is delivered on one CD-ROM. The content may be viewed directly from the CD-ROM or it may be uploaded to a company's intranet.

Content is updated regularly with at least one major update each year. Clients wishing to obtain these updates may subscribe for this added service.

License Details

Licensees are entitled to use the methodology within their organization and with their business partners and make modifications or prepare derivative works based upon the provided content.

Licensees cannot resell the methodology to other organizations or resell derivative works to other organizations without prior written consent from Procept Associates Ltd.


Perpetual enterprise-wide license (with the privilege and restrictions defined herein) – start from a one-time fee of USD/CAD $45,000.

Annual maintenance updates (optional): start from USD/CAD $7,000 per year.

How to Buy

For more information, please contact your regional Procept sales office.

In addition, local Procept representatives are able to discuss methodology customization, training, and coaching services.