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Business Process Documentation

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Project Details

  • Category: BA Consulting
  • Date Added: 01/15/2015
  • Client: Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
  • Skills: Business analysis, documenting processes, prioritizing projects

Project Info


Department did not have clear documentation of their various business processes and needed this to better align for service delivery to its clients.


Documentation of existing department business process and development of a tool for capturing and prioritizing client work orders.

The Corporate Training and eLearning (CTE) Department of the HR Division of the Crown Corporation hired Procept to gather, document, and present the Department’s current processes to their team.

The primary objective of the assignment was to establish a structured approach for other departments within the corporation to access CTE’s services. In addition, this will also enable everyone within CTE to have a common understanding of the department’s customers, services and processes.

The scope of the assignment was to work with CTE key stakeholders to gather data regarding CTE’s existing operations; prepare a process map of the existing processes; devise a prioritization tool for projects; and, to facilitate a short session with the learning team to discuss the mapped process and prioritization tool, and possible best practices to be adopted.

The deliverables for this project included:

  • Current Process Map
  • Project Prioritization Tool
  • Presentation of the outcome to Learning Team

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