Are you struggling to get ahead in your current job or looking for a new career? Many struggle in today's dynamic job environment to stay relevant as new technologies make their way into the workplace. (Reflect on how fast artificial intelligence is working its way into our world and the changes it is driving.) There is just so much to learn and people don't know what knowledge and skills will make them more competitive in the job market.

Earlier this week, Forbes published an article titled 8 High-Income Skills to Learn in 2024. The article describes a series of skills that are currently in demand by employers, with demand likely to increase over the course of 2024.  The list includes (unsurprisingly) technology skills such as AI, web development and user interface design but also broader management skills such as project management, leadership and even sales skills.

For those wanting to get ahead in their year-beginning skills development plans, Procept is here to help.  Procept provides training in three of these top eight skills: (#1) data analysis, (#2) project management, and (#6) leadership.  Procept's Introduction to Business Data Analytics course provides a solid basis on data analytics and prepares participants to write the Certification in Business Data Analytics (CBDA) exam from the International Institute for Business Anlaysis (IIBA). Procept, named Canada's "Best Project Management Advisory & Training Company" for two years running, also offers over 100 project management courses from beginner to advanced levels, some qualifying for third-party certifications and all eligible for professional development credits. (Procept was Canada's first Registered Education Provider for the Project Management Institute and continues on decades later as a PMI Authorized Training Partner.) Finally, Procept offers a broad range of popular leadership courses and management courses to help workers position themselves for their next big promotion.

With the analysis from Forbes and the training from Procept, today's workers can advance to become tomorrow's leaders.