On April 7, 2018, staff members from Procept and its TidalShift subsidiary jointly raised funds to gain support of their efforts to climb the stairs up the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada in support of the World Wildlife Fund. After walking 1,776 stairs (148 flights), the team celebrated (and recovered!) at the top of the city. The team surpassed its fundraising goal by 50% before Procept management stepped in and doubled their fundraising total again. The final tally showed that the team raised over three times its original fundraising goal, ranking in the top 20 teams out of over 7,000 climbers at the event.

Way to go, team!

Climbing from Procept were Alana Hughes-Willinsky, Robin Karnilavicius, and Sebastian Aguanno. Climbing from TidalShift were David Donaldson and Scott Roberts. Guest team members were Michelina Aguanno and Richard Osborne.