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Canadian Academy of Management and Technology

CAMT offers courses in various fields including property management and real estate, project and construction management, sustainability, and other management programs in Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait.

CAMT partners with Procept Associates in the delivery of some of these programs.

GenXus Corporation

GenXus Corporation

GenXus is a global provider of project management and agile management-related courses, consulting methodologies, and other licensable material. Procept has partnered with its master Canadian licensee, GenXus Management Consulting, to make GenXus' courses and consulting offerings available to our clients. GenXus is also the developer of the new Methodology-in-a-Box :: Disciplined Agile Edition offering.

Multi-Media Publications Inc.

Multi-Media Publications Inc. is a publishing company specializing in management (including project management) books, audiobooks, and DVDs for sale worldwide. Many of its publications are available in both physical format (print editions) and digital format (ebooks, downloadable audiobooks, etc. This new site also retails some of Procept's courses to the public.